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Whether you need innovation to transform your current position, to revolutionize an industry, or just to explore new possibilities, AMG Kenya can help.


AMG Kenya provides a full range and powerful set of service offerings designed to help you achieve and sustain operational excellence.


AMG Kenya partners with you in the most critical areas of your business thus allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


Our objective at AMG Kenya is to offer innovative and relevant business and financial solutions. 


Financial Management

Keeping your books

We will ensure that proper books of accounts are kept by your business to show you at any given time the financial health of your business concern.

Payroll Management

Automating your payroll

We will establish an efficient and automated payroll system, which is very important in your business. We also offer payroll system software which will assist you manage your pay-roll efficiently.

Risk management

Risk analysis

We offer risk management, profiling and analysis in the following areas:

  1. Market Risk.
  2. Operational risk.
  3. Foreign Exchange risk.
  4. Human Capital risk.
  5. Credit risk.
  6. Interest rate risk.
  7. Political risk.
  8. Country risk.
  9. International risk.


Providing you with a competitive advantage

 We do end year audit to identify areas of weakness and recommend necessary Internal control system to be put in place with a view to improving the overall performance of our client in terms of maximization of revenues and minimization of costs.

Investment products

Managing your investments

Any time you have surplus cash we will advice you on the best investment vehicle be it short or long-term depending on your requirements. This will ensure that you maximize your revenues at any given opportunity but at the same time managing your cash-flows at the optimum levels.

Financing and Fund raising

Managed financing and fund raise

We will arrange on your behalf these services as and when you require them:

  1. Asset financing
  2. Mortgage financing
  3. Leasing
  4. Term loan proposals
  5. Bid & performance bonds
  6. Letters of credit
  7. Guarantees
  8. Documentary collections

Tax Consultancy

Bringing you top value

The Kenyan tax laws are very clear on the kenyan taxation policies and guidelines, an organization needs to understand these policies and guidelines to minimize their tax burden legally. AMG Kenya offers tax consultancy services to ensure organization minimize their tax burden without contravening the existing tax laws.

Hiring and staff training

Manage the most important resource

Hiring the right staff is the key to success in your business, we will endeavor to hire the right staff for your organization through a rigorous recruitment process. After the hiring process we will also organize training for your staff on your systems and values so that they can contribute effectively to your bottom line.

Management of payables and receivables

Manage your payable & receivables

This aspect is very critical in your management of working capital if managed well it can mean everything to your business. We will negotiate on your behalf the best terms possible with your creditors and debtors, we envisage a situation whereby your debtor should ideally be able to pay your creditors depending on your industry norms.


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